About my art
I have something to give to people - I feel it when I sit alone in my room or before to step on stage. This feeling inspires me to perform solo piano concerts from time to time, where I would like to touch every single person with music.

Composing music
However, composing music is also rooted in the music but has great difference from performing art in components. Composing can give me much more possibilities for self-expression. It can be explained with that unlimited freedom what may be tailored individually and is beyond the structural rules.
For me, composing (whether it's music or transcript) strongly depends on inspiration. On my web page instrumentations, folk song transcriptions and orchestrations can be heard.

About teaching
What is that in the teaching what can never make you bored? That 1 piece may be taught and moreover it has to be taught for 20 different students in 20 different approaches. That's why you can't hear one composition played by two students exactly the same way because of the diversity of people.
But you do not have to go that far: no one will be able to play identically the smallest colours in pieces twice in a row. All together these three main elements (performing art, composing music, teaching) bring eternal diversity into my work, open possibility to love music constantly, increase my interest to the further development in this direction.
The music is something what cannot be formulated by words. If it could it would be replaced with words.
And as the meaning of the thoughts what manifests into words and sentences, that way I'm looking for the deeper inextricable meaning of the music.

What is the reason that some performances which people count as perfect are meaningless? And why the audience sometimes can live through catharsis during such performance what is full of mistakes? However, mistake is still a mistake but in spite of this it would be more correct to consider the first case as mistake.
That how idealistic for people the thought mentioned above depends on how they approach to the next question: "What is the mission of music?"
Thus whereby more is less? One time my physics teacher tried to define the content of the genius:
19 % of talent, 80% of diligence and 1% of God's spark.
Is that 1 % the responsible?!